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Thule radar - historical

27/10 - 2003 Protest against 
the Danish Supreme Court.
12/1 - 2003 DR
18/12 - 2002
12/12 - 2002
25/11 - 2002

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Protest against the Danish Supreme Court

The Inuits of Thule were forced away from their natural surroundings and habitat, Uummannaq, in 1953 by the Danish and the American Government. The Americans were to build an airbase and a radar station on the Inuit’s very habitat.

Fifty years after this expropriation, on November 27th 2003, the hunters of Thule lost their case at the Danish Supreme Court, which denied their claim of ? 31.3 million for lost income from not being able to hunt where the American base is situated. The claim of returning to their habitat was also denied.

One of the reasons for turning this claim down was that the Supreme Court did not consider the people from Thule as ‘indigenous people’. 

Make a list and ad your name to the list:

You protest against the Danish Supreme Court’s ruling which denied the Inuits of Thule (Greenland) legal right to return to their original habitat. The list will be sent to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, France.

By adding your name and home town to the list you support the expropriated people from Thule (gathered in the association ‘Hingitaq 53’) in their quest for returning to their original habitat.

Please forward the list to:  for every 50th signature.


The List

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12/1 DR

The Danish Radio with news from Greenland told 12/1 that the chairman of the Government in Greenland, Jonathan Motzfeldt, has told, that noone in Greeland want the Thule radar updateed to NMD which he will tell the president of Amerika. Jonathan Motzfeldt is of the opinion that it will increase the rearmament if the US start the NMD-project.

December 18th 2002

The US har now officially requested permission to deploy the radar on Thule Air base as part of the National Missile Defense(NMD).

Tuesday (December 17th ) morning the danish prime minister said that the request will be thoroughly considered in collaboration with the politicians in Greenland.

The danish government takes a positive stand on the NMD, because it regards it not as a solely american project, but as a project including NATO and involving Russia.

“I believe that the fear some have had, that the project could lead to rearmament, can be purely dismissed”, the prime minister declares. He believe that the NMD is a protection against missile attacks from “rogue states”.

Great Britain likewise received a request regarding the usage of the radar in Fylingsdale.

Neither Great Britain nor Denmark has officially agreed yet, but in the past month, the governments in both countries has signalled a positive attitude towards the project.

The danish government has invited Greenland(sic!) to participate in a meeting with the US sec. of state, Colin Powell, that is taking place Wednesday December 18th in Washington.

The representative of Greenland at the meeting is member of parliament for the leftist party IA, Josef Motzfeldt, who recently formed government with the socialdemocratic Siumut party.

IA is working for a demilitarization of Greenland, as well as a greater degree of independence from Denmark, including matters of foreign policy, so it could be difficult to make Greenland endorse the NMD.

The parliament in Greenland has provided Motzfeldt a clear mandate: “Any expansion of the Thule Air base, can only happen if the defense agreement from 1951 between Denmark and the USA is dissolved, and a new agreement in which Greenland is an equal partner is made. This is the precondition on which Greenland will accept negotiations regarding new usages for the Thule Air base. No new agreement - no accept from Greenland.

The new head of IA, Aqqaluk Lynge adds: “The NMD has been initiated, and nobody from neither the danish nor the greenlandic parliament can do anything about it. What we can do, is to say what the interests of Greenland are. Greenland isn´t just an area on which the danish government can accept deployment of foreign troops. Therefore it is a very important matter between Denmark and Greenland.”

The US request in this case, is concerning an upgrade of the already existing facilities on the Thule Air base, which will be part of a limited US defense against missiles from the Middle East and Northern Africa.

The environmental organization Greenpeace warns about the NMD, because it believes that it will lead to a new, dangerous arms-race, since China will fear that it´s nuclear arsenal of about 20 missiles will be insufficient.

Sunday, december 12.

US puts and end to election-rally.

The americans at the Thule Air Base, has denied that rallies can be held at the base, Hans Pavia Rosing from the Siumut-party and Joergen-Ole Nyboe Nielsen from the Democrats tell.

Instead the candidates are walking the streets to meet up with voters.

Monday, 25. of november 2002

Siumut raises questions about Pituffik to danish prime minister and foreign minister.

Lars Emil Johansen(member of danish parliament for Siumut) is trying to expose the official danish policy towards the possible US request for access to the Thule Air Base as part of the National Missile Defense. The Prime minister (Anders Fogh Rasmussen) is asked when he knew that an american request is immidiate. The question was raised because the dutch parliament, following a visit of an american governmental delegation, as soon as june was briefed about the new US plans about integrating the NMD within the NATO-framework. The same delegation visited Denmark, and still the danish parliament as well as the Greenlandic authorities wasn´t told anything for a long time.

Foreign minister Per Stig Møller is asked, on what ground his officials are claiming that the US is considering shutting down the Thule Air Force base, if questions regarding the usage of the base for purposes concerning the NMD arises.

This is asked, because the Greenlandic authorties in mid-november wrote, that the danish Department of Foreign Affairs during a meeting with the head of the greenlandic authorities, Jonathan Motzfeldt, had claimed that, that it might be expected that the US would shut down the base.


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